Bullet Painting, Inc.

Terms & Conditions

Please carefully review this document as it contains contract terms and conditions that are in addition to any and all other terms and conditions contained in all estimates, bids, or other document provided by Bullet Painting, Inc

Unless otherwise clearly defined, all work shall be performed as outlined in the Level 3 Surface Preparation and Finish Appearance Standard (shown below).


All surfaces not specifically indicated in your estimate.

Included in our standard procedures for exterior painting:

Pressure wash all surfaces scheduled for painting work as needed

Cover/Wrap exterior lighting prior to painting and reinstall when completed

All adjacent ground and plants will be covered/protected as needed prior to any painting

Left over paint will be labeled and left for future touch-ups.

At the completion, our trained project manager will carefully inspect all surfaces to ensure our quality standard has been met.

Included in our standard procedures for interior painting:

Confirm colors and placement.

Mask all furnishing; floors to be covered and protected before any work begins.

Remove all plates, light covers, vents etc. and replaced after paint is dry.

Upon completion all areas will be cleaned-up and vacuumed, and debris will be taken away.

Left over paint will be labeled and left for future touch-ups.

At the completion, our trained project manager or foreman will carefully inspect all surfaces to ensure our quality standard has been met.

Levels of Surface Preparation & Finish Appearance

Description: The following levels are used to establish a clearly-communicated standard as to what has been agreed upon and what is to be expected with regards to the different levels of surface preparation and the quality of appearance of the finished surface. They are a summary of the actual standard based on PDCA (Painting & Decorating Contractors of America) Industry Standard P14-06.

Level 1 – Basic: Cleaned, No Patching – Requires only basic cleanliness of surfaces to ensure the adhesion of new finishes, with less concern for the adhesion of existing paint and quality of appearance. Obvious loose paint will be removed, but no smoothing of the existing surface profile will be done. Includes washing or hand cleaning. No Warranty

Level 2 – Standard: Basic Patching – Requires all of Level 1 as well as the examination of existing coatings to assess their adhesion. With this level of surface preparation, good adhesion and longevity of finish are of primary concern and appearance is of secondary concern. Includes basic patching, filling, dulling of glossy surfaces, spot priming, caulking, and light sanding/abrading to address surface profile differences exceeding 1/8 inch. Excludes matching texture and taping cracks.

Level 3 – Superior: Detailed Patching – Requires all of Levels 1 and 2 with added emphasis on the quality of appearance of finish painted surfaces. Includes detailed patching, filling, properly taping cracks, approximate matching of textures, and

thorough sanding to address surface profile differences exceeding 1/16 inch.

Level 4 – Supreme: Touch & Feel – Requires all of Levels 1, 2 and 3 with even more emphasis on the quality of appearance of finish painted surfaces. The criteria for inspection and acceptance may include smoothness to “touch and feel” on interior handrails, doors and easily accessible trim. Includes thorough filling & sanding to address surface profile differences exceeding 1/32 inch.

Level 5 – Restoration/Resurfacing: Back to Original – This type of surface preparation is required when existing conditions indicate that the surfaces are severely deteriorated (where damage to the coating is widespread). Includes complete or nearly complete removal of existing paint through various stripping methods. Substrate (underlying surface being painted) may need to be completely replaced, repaired or resurfaced.


We propose to furnish material and labor – complete and in accordance with the above specifications for the sum stated in your estimate. Individual tasks, if selected, may require additional pricing. Price is valid for 30 days, unless otherwise noted.

If unknown conditions exist that require that any estimate or bid be increased in the sole opinion of representatives of Bullet, then Bullet shall be allowed to terminate this contract unless agreement is reached on the additional cost proposed by Bullet. Any increase of more than 5% of any materials included in any bid or estimate from Bullet shall result in a commensurate increase in the bid or estimate and shall not entitle the owner to terminate the contract.

Colors & Samples

If you need more assistance with color, we offer color consultations and custom color mixing. Additional costs do apply.

Due to the conceptual nature of our first meeting and not having a color scheme finalized, additional pricing may be required on color changes, color placement, going from light to deep base colors or the reverse.

Two-Year Limited Warranty

Bullet Painting INC warrants labor and material for a period of two (2) years. If paint failure appears, we will supply labor and materials to correct the condition without cost. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Our responsibility is limited to correcting the condition as indicated above.

Any action taken by owner before allowing Bullet to perform warranty work will void this warranty and Bullet shall have no further obligation to repair the condition.



A 20% deposit is required to reserve your painting appointment.

Progress payments will be addressed in our agreement / contract.

The remaining balance will be due at completion of the job.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully to ensure that all aspects of the job and your expectations are outlined and there are no additional items that need to be included. Anything not included your estimate/bid will be excluded and will not apply to any terms and conditions set forth above.

We want your expectations to be as clear as possible to ensure complete satisfaction of your completed project.

Thank you for your business!